[★VIDEO] Tablo and Haru share a touching moment and bid farewell to viewers on “Superman is Back”

After a year and two months as part of the regular cast and families of KBS Superman is Back, Epik High’s Tablo and his daughter Haru say farewell to viewers.

On the 58th episode of Superman is Back that aired on December 28th, Tablo and Haru visited his father’s grave to give their respects.

Haru placed a hot pack on the gravestone, saying, “It’s a hot pack. Grandpa~,” showing care for him as it was a chilly day, warming the heart of Tablo, who commented, “Because of Haru, he’ll be warm in heaven.”

Enjoying a short snack with Tablo’s father, Haru suddenly looked at her snack before pointing to the sky, offering it to her grandfather up in the heavens. To help her, Tablo lifted his daughter up in a touching moment.

The father and daughter recounted their memories to her grandfather of their time on the family show as they looked through a photobook.

Before leaving, Haru stood up and yelled towards the sky, “Grandpa~ I miss you!” before giving her tearing father a hug. Curious,  Haru asked why her father was crying, to which he replied, “Dad misses him.” 

“Who?” she questioned again. Tablo replied, “Grandfather.”

Later to viewers, Tablo shared, “This was the biggest year of my life. I was able to experience so much happiness and see Haru grow up,” shedding tears as the show reviewed the past year with the family.

Haru also piped in her goodbyes with her mother, Kang Hye Jung, saying, “Bye~ We’ll meet again~.”

Good luck to Tablo and Haru, may we meet again in the future!


Source: The Star Chosun