Tablo reveals he was scared of G-Dragon’s expensive gift on tvN’s “Taxi”

Epik High recently made an appearance as guests of the December 10th episode of tvN’s Taxi, where Tablo revealed a moment when he was scared of G-Dragon’s gift.

During the episode, Epik High discussed the several artists that have featured on hip-hop group’s tracks and those they have featured with in other songs, with Tablo mentioned G-Dragon as the most impressionable to him.

After featuring in G-Dragon’s track, the BIGBANG artist gifted Tablo with an expensive gift, to which Tablo, “I was scared. If G-Dragon ever featured for us, we would have to gift him in return as much as he gifted us for our feature, but we don’t make as much [money] as him.”

“So what was that expensive gift? A house, or diamonds?” asked the MC, to which Tablo revealed, “No, it’s not that, but it’s the price of a pricey laptop.”

Source: TV Report