Tablo shares the downside of having overseas activities

Epik High’s Tablo shares the loneliness of having overseas tours as he posts a photo of his daughter Haru on one of his updates on Instagram today. 

On November 30th, Tablo shared a photo taken from his video call with Haru, explaining his homesickness saying, “The reason overseas tours are a bit hard. But let’s work hard today too!!!!” The two were seen sporting a somber expression as they try to make up for the distance through the video call.

Tablo was eventually comforted by his followers through their encouraging comments on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Tablo is currently joining Epik High as they continue their Parade 2014 in Japan. They are currently at the 4th concert stop of the tour, as they bring their 1st live performances in Osaka. The group will have another concert date tomorrow on the same venue, before wrapping it up in Yokohama on January 10th and 11th.

해외 투어가 조금 힘든 이유. 하지만 오늘도 열심히!!!

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