Tablo unveils handwritten drafts for “Born Hater” and “Happen Ending”

Tablo shares personal drafts from his parts on Epik High’s tracks “Born Hater” and “Happen Ending” through Instagram. 

On December 23rd, Tablo updated fans with two separate posts and posted images from his original handwritten drafts for the tracks “Born Hater” and “Happen Ending.” On the first image, Tablo released the latest version for his rap on “Born Hater,” revealing his personal draft as he performed a remastered rap during SBS Gayo Daejun.

What caught the fans’ attention, however, was the second update where he reveals an old memo for “Happen Ending” penned two years back.

Meanwhile, aside from wrapping up commitments for Superman is Back, Tablo is currently busy promoting with Epik High on various year-end ceremonies.

What are you thoughts on his drafts?

2년 전 헤픈엔딩 첫 메모 발견 #공책정리 #헤픈엔딩

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올해 가사 공책들 정리 중. 며칠 전 공개된 born hater ver. 2

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