Tablo Uploads Hilarious Video Compilation Of “Song MemeHo” On Instagram

Fans are cracking over the latest SNS update by Epik High‘s Tablo as he hilariously creates a meme from a Song Mino video.

On May 20th, Tablo shared a compilation of his memes on his Instagram account. The original video is first shown with the WINNER rapper looking flabbergasted as he looks at the camera in shock with his mouth covered.

The first meme slows down the video slightly and takes on a monochrome tone with the track “Airbag” (by Tablo ft. Naul of Brown Eyed Soul) playing in the background, and is followed by another with a ‘party’ theme featuring C+C Music Factory‘s “Everybody Dance Now.” A ‘commercial’ theme plays with Mino looking on shockingly towards the hilarious new Epik High concert poster which takes on a parody of popular films with Tim Hwang‘s “Saranghamnida” playing.

Epik High is prepping for their next concert series “Now Playing” this July taking place at the Sogang University Mary Hall. Tickets are set to take place on May 26th and will be available via Auction.

Can you identify the film posters they parodied?