Taeyang hints that BIG BANG will make a surprising comeback

Taeyang of BIG BANG has hinted that he and his members will be making a comeback at a very surprising time that will make fans and the media jump in astonishment.

On January 14th, at the first opening day of the 29th Golden Disk Awards, the BIG BANG member won the Golden Disk in Digital Single Division Award alongside junior group BEAST. Taeyang also performed his 2014 hit solo tracks “Ringa Linga” and “Eyes, Nose, Lips” before he was awarded with the Digital Single of the Year Daesang (Grand Prize).

Once the awards ceremony was over, Ilgan Sports was able to follow what they called a very “happy and glowing” Taeyang backstage where they were able to snatch an exclusive interview with the star.

When Reporter Uhm Dong Jin asked the artist, “You just won daesang(grand prize). How do you feel?” Taeyang responded appreciatively, “More than anything, I am very happy to have started off the new year with such a big award.

Reporter Uhm was then able to ask the star a few more questions, seen below.

– It seems like “Eyes, Nose, Lips” is a song that means a lot to you.

“Preparing for this solo album took a total of 4 years if you only count in terms of the years that have gone by [not the literal amount of time it took] and ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ was the song that let me finally make a comeback. It’s a very special song, especially because it’s a track that holds a story of mine that actually happened.”

– When you first heard the track, did it make you think, “Oh, this is definitely ‘the’ song I need to sing“?

▶ “To be honest, even though I had almost finished completing the album, I was still very frustrated. Emotionally I just really wanted to release the album as soon as possible, but with all the delays and flaws that came along the way, I had a really hard time. However, this song expressed exactly how I was feeling at the time; I thought to myself, ‘This is the song I need,” after only listening to the basic piano accompaniment.

– It says that you wrote the lyrics to “Eyes, Nose, Lips” yourself. Was there a loved one that made you think of their eyes, nose, and lips at the time?

▶ “At the time I was emotionally as sad and gloomy as the lyrics are; I felt exactly like what’s happening in the song. During that time, I was able to write pages and pages of the pain I suffered from a break-up I had.

– This(2014) is the first time where you have been going around winning all the highest awards for your solo activities. You must be very happy, but I assume that the burden that you may feel is just as strong?

▶ “Rather than feeling burdened, I feel relieved. Honestly, I was really happy just by the fact that I was able to finally release my solo album last year. With all the results aside, all I cared about was to get this album out so that I could begin thinking of what to do for my next album. Fortunately, I was able to gain a lot from this recent album; it kind of felt like I was being compensated for all the hard work we put into it. I was really relieved.

– You’ve mentioned in the past several times that Michael Jackson is your role model. How close do you think you have come to [being more like] him?

▶ “I am still just a drop in the bucket. To say that I’ve even come close to him, I couldn’t even say such a thing like that. This recent album holds a lot of meaning. There are a few people that I see as my role model or that I idolize, but rather than trying to be just like them, this album has helped me to find my own true ways and color. I have just begun to take small steps; one step, two steps, and so on.

– Your fellow BIG BANG members must have gotten very envious of you.

▶ “Actually, my members are very cool and laid back, so they don’t really express those kinds of feelings of envy. They congratulated me a lot. Once again, I think it’s a relief that I did well with this album because I feel that with the success I gained from this album, I will be able to help BIG BANG succeed when we make a comeback as a whole.

– It’s 2015. Do you have any plans for the new year?

▶ “Right now I am finishing up the last few bits of my solo concert tour. I’ll be touring up until March in areas like China, South-East Asia, and a few other countries that have not been revealed yet. We are also preparing for BIG BANG’s album. We will be making a comeback at a very surprising time when everyone will least expect it.

Source: Ilgan Sports and Economy Today