Taeyeon Accused of Plagiarism for debut title track “I”

Netizens have found themselves in a debate, discussing accusations of Taeyeon’s debut track “I”’s alleged plagiarism. 

A post on Pann started on October 27th, raised suspicion towards recent allegations that SM Entertainment stole Taeyeon’s debut title track from an Tamil Hip Hip artist. The suspicion started after a track released by Hiphop Tamizha, a Tamilian, in 2014 was discovered to be distinctly similar to Taeyeon’s.

The accusation was briefly settled after Myah Maria Langton, a co-composer of the track, replied on her YouTube account that the track was not plagiarized. She explained that the loop the netizens were referring to were in fact a royalty-free loop, which was available for any composer to use. She further clarified that the track was originally written in 2012 and asked fans to do their research before they make any accusations.

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Since the said comment from the composer was posted, some netizens opted to hold their judgement before any of the information is verified. SM Entertainment has yet to comment on the accusations.

Check the similarities of the two tracks below.

Source: Pann