Taeyeon deals with crazy EXO fan on Instagram

Recently, a post was made on Pann about how Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon dealt with a crazy EXO fan that was cussing at her on Instagram.


lsh98745585: What’s to like about Kim Taeyeon
lsh98745585: Garbage tsk tsk
lsh98745585: Because of you Kim Taeyeon, Baekhyun used to be under so much criticism. Are you happy? Are you glad that Baekhyun was under such criticism tsk tsk

(Taeyeon responds)
taeyeon_ss @lsh98745585: Please refrain from saying such things here. Other people who come here and leave positive comments might get hurt. It would be very great if you could please stop ^^
lsh98745585: Ah..okay..I didn’t initially come here to swear at you..never mind I’m sorry. Keep up the great work
lsh98745585: Just like I hate seeing Baekhyun being criticized, I’ll put myself in your fans’ shoes before I comment again I’m sorry.

[+ 151, – 92] Taeyeon fans are no different it makes me laugh the things they say ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+ 125, – 43] I would like to apologize on behalf of that person and other negative comments that Taeyeon nim had to get hurt. However, I would like to ask Girls’ Generation fans to think on what they have done as well. You always upload things like this but leave out things that you guys have done. Should we upload Girls’ Generation fans cussing at not only Baekhyun’s but other members’ Instagram as well? You guys are just as bad if not worse. It’s funny that you guys always play victim when your fans are just as bad. Just know we have a lot of screen caps of you guys doing the same thing.

[+ 50, – 52] As a SNSD fan I’m just jealous she got her attention ㅋ

Source: Pann