Fans Are In Love With Taeyeon’s Look In These Unique Contact Lenses

Girls’ Generation‘s ever-beautiful leader Taeyeon has struck awe in her fans once again with her latest, bold fashion choice: mismatched contacts

While some idols would prefer to stay far away from contact lenses, there’s no doubt the changes they can have on someone’s look is huge, and Taeyeon’s recent Instagram photos certainly show this.

Sporting one blue contact and one green/brown contact, it appears Taeyeon is trying out a new look

Taeyeon is known for her gorgeous looks so it’s no surprise that she can pull off even this particularly unique look. Taeyeon recently posted pictures of herself wearing beautifully mismatched contact lenses on Instagram and fans are ecstatic over them. Who knew accessories like these could look so breathtaking?!

Check out Taeyeon’s mesmerizing photos below!

Eyes like these would catch anyone’s attention!

Doesn’t she look absolutely adorable?

One contact lens is heavenly blue and the other green mixed with brown, simply gorgeous!