Taeyeon uploads stunning group selca ahead of Japanese comeback for “Catch Me If You Can”

With their newest Japanese single coming up soon, Girls’ Generation’s leader Taeyeon recently took to Instagram to remind fans of the comeback!

On April 1st, Taeyeon revealed two selcas through her Instagram account, and stunned netizens with her visuals as well as fellow members Tiffany, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Hyoyeon. Not much was revealed about the photo, save a footnote that reads, “D-9 #CatchMeIfYouCan #GG,” reminding Japanese fans in particular of the latest single to come in less than two weeks.

A rep from SM Entertainment had further added, “Girls’ Generation will reveal music videos both a Korean and Japanese version of ‘Catch Me If You Can’ on the 10th.  The Japanese portion of the song has also been completed.” And with just the Korean portion of the track to go, SONEs can expect Girls’ Generation’s music videos quickly amidst the huge wave of comebacks this spring season.

“Catch Me If You Can” will additionally be released alongside the B-side “Girls,” with the Korean versions being released on the 10th through various music portal sites. The Japanese versions will be released later on April 22nd for Japanese fans to enjoy as well.


Source: DongA