Tahiti celebrates their 1000th day anniversary since debut

On April 19th, the members of Tahiti celebrated their 1000th day together as a group.

Debuting on July 23th, 2012 under Dream Star Entertainment, Tahiti reached their 1000th day anniversary on April 19th. Undergoing many member changes, the girl group currently consists of the members Miso, Minjae, Jisoo, Ari, and Jerry.

The girls last released their track “Oppa, You’re Mine” in the summer of 2014 before making their Japanese debut earlier this year. The group most recently unleashed their sexy track “Phone Number” at the beginning of this year. With a successful number of achievements, they celebrated their 1000 days of hard work.

Minjae thanked their fans on Twitter for all the support that they had given. On behalf of the other members, she sent love out to the Black Pearls who had been with Tahiti through their career.