TAHITI’s Jisoo distraught by being offered to sell herself for money

TAHITI might not be the most popular girl group in the industry, it appears that group member Jisoo has at least one really big fan, 

However, the singer revealed that having such a big fan might be less desirable than fans might think. According to Jisoo, she’s been receiving many messages pestering her to meet with a sponsor as a part time job. After receiving multiple solicitations to go on dates with a sponsor fan, the TAHITI member finally had enough, and posted the Facebook messages on to her Instagram in an attempt to stop the messages.

On her Instagram post, the singer wrote, “These messages make me very uncomfortable. You keep commenting on my photos and ask me to check the messages. Please don’t. It makes me upset.

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“Hello ^^ Are you interested in a part time job with a high salary? We will pay you at a promised time. Please contact us if you’re interested ^^ On average, you’ll be paid about $600 to $2,000 at on time.”
“I’m a broker for sponsors and which is run by membership. One of our members is a big fan of yours, Jisoo-ssi. His about the same age as you, in his mid-20’s. He would like to meet with you frequently. Please contact us if you’re interested. You don’t need to meet a lot of people, just him. You’ll get paid around $2,000-3,000 ^^”
“Please consider my offer. It’s pays very well and the conditions will be favorable. It’ll be kept secret and you just have to meet one customer.”
“I’ll make sure to pay you more than $1,000 for each meeting~ You only have to go on a date with the customer ^^ It’ll just be shopping, dinner, and enjoying the atmosphere~ It’s okay even if you only do it once or twice. The pay is much better than other offers you might receive ^^ Please contact us.”

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  • Just a date my ass
  • Premium membership…ends with a normal date we all know this means sponsorship
  • Wow I’ve only heard of these things
  • So sponsors approach celebrities like this
  • Her dad is in the police ^_^
  • As if unni would sell herself out like this
  • Her dad should catch and stick this guy in prison

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