[★TRENDING] Taiwanese EXO-Ls outraged at Lay for calling Taiwanese singer Show Luo “Chinese”

After deleting all of his Instagram posts amidst Tao’s rumored departure from EXO, Lay has made a comeback on his SNS account, but with a controversial post.

On May 23rd, Lay updated his Instagram account with a picture of himself and popular Taiwanese singer Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) with the caption, “Thank you for my idol Show Luo sunbaenim’s care. Awesome Chinese singer Xiao Zhu sunbaenim.

The political relationship between Mainland China and Taiwan is a complicated one. Those from Mainland China generally considers Taiwan to be part of China, while those from Taiwan generally considers it as its own country. Show Luo was born and raised in Taiwan.

After the post was shared to Taiwan’s popular bulletin board PTT, EXO-Ls were quick to express their anger, leaving comments such as, “Hmm…China?”, “Sorry, I have to dislike this,”Come out and explain this,” and “This is the first time I’ve been left so speechless after seeing a post on SNS.”

Other fans also commented, “I guess if you want to be nice, you could translate this as Xiao Zhu looking awesome in China…,”If you can’t express this clearly then you shouldn’t write it like this…I can’t like this [post],”Hmm…awkward…,” and “Uh…let’s just pretend I don’t know how to read Korean…”

谢谢偶像罗志祥前辈的关照 중국에 완전 멋진 가수 小猪선배님

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Source: PTT