Tao expresses his hopes for EXO to stay together as 10

In light of the recent changes made in their line-up as a group following Kris and Luhan’s cases against SM Entertainment, Tao expresses his thoughts towards the group and its remaining members via SNS.On October 19th, EXO’s Tao delighted fans as he expresses his wish for the group to continue with the remaining ten members. In an Instagram update, Tao posted a photo of a Cartier bracelet encrusted with ten diamonds with a message saying, “#cartier Diamonds, I hope the 10 of us will not fall apart and always stay together like this bracelet.”

The message, which was both posted in Korean and Chinese, ended with a plea asking fans to support his upcoming appearance on SBS Law of the Jungle – Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile, EXO is currently focusing on both of their solo and group activities, with Tao promoting for Law of the Jungle – Solomon Islands, despite the recent contract termination case filed by member Luhan against SM Entertainment. Kris (Wu Yifan), on the other hand, is also busy with a number of acting projects in China since his departure from the group.


#cartier Diamond 열게 우리나머지열명 이팔지처럼한면도빠지지않게 게속같있었으면좋겠어.. 그리고정끌많이봐주세요 ㅋㅋㅋ 钻石十颗 我们十个人 真的很希望剩下的十个人可以像这手镯一样可以一直在一起就好了…还有 丛林法则记得看~ 哈哈

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