TASTY hints comeback from the practice room

Woollim Entertainment‘s twin group TASTY revealed themselves currently in the studios, possibly hinting an upcoming comeback!

Sharing the same image through their Twitter and Weibo accounts, TASTY is seemingly preparing for a new production to meet their fans again. It has been seven months since their last album ADDICTION, after which they were busy with promotional activities and schedules in China.

TASTY tweeted, “In the midst of practicing~~ I wish to make a comeback soon too. Fighting!”  They also posted on their Weibo, “This is how I usually look like when I’m practicing; a really natural self! Haha I hope everyone waits patiently for our comeback.”

Meanwhile, TASTY’s juniors Lovelyz are currently promoting with “Hi~” and their seniors INFINITE have announced plans for a May comeback, while INFINITE’s Sungkyu is also supposedly working hard for his second album.

Photo: TASTY’s Weibo