Teaser image released for Park Hyo Shin’s “Happy Together”

The teaser image for Park Hyo Shin‘s upcoming single “Happy Together” has just been released on the official Jellyfish Entertainment Twitter account.On November 17th, Jellyfish Entertainment posted “[Park Hyo Shin] D-6! #ParkHyoShin <#HAPPY_TOGETHER> RELEASE” with a photo of Park Hyo Shin looking very charming as he looks off in to the distance with a vague expression. The backdrop of the teaser photo is filled with warm and inviting props and almost looks like a scene out of story books.

The new single “Happy Together” is the second track of a seven volume series, with the previous track “Wild Flower,” released in March, being the first of the series. Park Hyo Shin hopes that his music will be able to encourage many people and have them experience happiness. Stay tuned for the release of “Happy Together” on November 24th.

Park Hyo Shin also celebrated his 15th debut anniversary on November 3rd!

Source: Xports News