TEEN TOP announces winter album release, “Snow Kiss”

On December 5th, TEEN TOP announced to fans that they will be releasing a winter album Snow Kiss next week, celebrating the coming holidays and cold season.

Via their official website and SNS accounts, their agency writes, “Hello. This is TOP Media. TEEN TOP will be releasing an album for the 2014 winter season titled TEEN TOP Snow Kiss. This is TEEN TOP’s first Christmas season album. ‘Snow Kiss’ is a sweet love song that brings an exciting atmosphere. The track ‘Merry Christmas’ was written by TEEN TOP’s Changjo, while the track ‘Winter Song’ was written by C.A.P. The winter album is filled with songs that feature the various appeal of TEEN TOP.”

“In addition, this album was directly designed by TEEN TOP. They have handwritten Christmas cards with personal messages to fans. This album will be worthwhile to have as it was created by TEEN TOP.”

The title track will be released online on December 10th at midnight KST, while the full album will be available on December 11th online and offline.

TOP Media continues, “TEEN TOP has carefully prepared this surprise for fans. Please give us your interest and support. Thank you.”