TEEN TOP releases jacket image and additional individual image teasers for June comeback

After releasing image teasers, TEEN TOP released two jacket images as well as additional individual image teasers for their upcoming comeback.

Released on June 12th, TEEN TOP released the passion version of their jacket image where the six members were seen posing in front of a brick wall which featured barber shop signs as the members were clothed in the color scheme of pink, black, grey, and white. Following, TEEN TOP released the dream version of their jacket image on June 13th where the members were seen in white in the middle of a laundromat.

In addition to the jacket images, TEEP TOP released individual image teasers for members Ricky and Changjo. Prior to releasing individual image teaser for the two, the six-member group released individual image teasers where they revealed their vibrant dyed hair and color contact lenses.

Meanwhile, TEEN TOP is scheduled to make a comeback on June 22nd.