TEEN TOP releases teaser images for “20’s LOVE TWO ÉXITO” ft. Niel and C.A.P

TEEN TOP continues to teases fans for repackage album 20’s LOVE TWO ÉXITO as they release more teaser images, this time featuring members Niel and C.A.P!

On November 7th, the group released the last batch of their individual teaser images, ending with Niel and C.A.P staring intensely at the camera. As TEEN TOP prepares for their comeback with their repackage album 20’s LOVE TWO ÉXITO, the boys’ official Twitter account dropped four individual teaser images in the past two days. They began by sharing teaser images featuring Ricky and Changjo and then continue with images of L.Joe and Chunji.

After receiving a large amount of support for their album EXITO, TEEN TOP plans to follow their album with the repackage 20’s LOVE TWO ÉXITO, which will feature new tracks such as “No,” a song composed by C.A.P. The digital album is set for release on November 10th while the physical album will be in stores on the 11th.