TEEN TOP’s Niel joins Instagram

Just days before the release of his first solo mini-album oNiely, TEEN TOP‘s Niel has officially opened up his own Instagram account, already a short video and photos with his fans. 

Posting his first short video in the wee hours of February 12th, he writes, “Our beloved hyungnim~ heu Good looking angle of Min Woo hyung~! It’s a visual!!!!! #Lovekiller #Niel #solo #practice.” The video shows various short scenes in the practice room, everyone seemingly taking a break from practicing.

In another post, Niel shares four different photos of himself in one, bidding his fans and followers a kiss goodnight and writing, “End~~~ goodnight~~~ #ah~this was nice #sleep well #niel #lovekiller.”

Niel has just recently released his second video teaser for his title track “Lovekiller,” which is set to be released on February 16th along with his official solo album.