The Difference Between The Types Of Women Men DATE vs MARRY

Netizens discuss the true ideal type of females written by a Korean male himself

Plastic surgery is an acceptable procedure for women in South Korea. Although the majority of Koreans do not get surgery however, South Korea still has one of the highest percentages in the world for receiving plastic surgery. But are there pros and cons to getting these procedures done to be more attractive?

Originally posted on Pann, male netizen reveals men’s true ideal type over females who have gotten plastic surgery.

Titled “The Appearance of Women That Men Like,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“Don’t look at this if you are one of the pretty and popular girls who didn’t get any plastic surgery. (I have manners)

Simply said, men are males who want to sustain their attractiveness by marrying attractive women.


Even men around me 100% think this way.

1. Marriage must be with natural beauty (Minor plastic cosmetic procedures are allowed)

2. Men will pretend to like it if the girl is pretty but seem liked she had surgery. Because she still is pretty. But he will never like to marry her due to the fact that their children will be ugly. He will just play with her before breaking up. (This is the truth)

Then the females will start calling the guys as*sholes..

But then again, all of you women look at many things in a guy too don’t you?

But it is just natural that men are more attracted to natural beauty.

Don’t like it when guys come after you because of your plastic beauty.

It is as if the guy is passing by some pretty statue and saying ‘can I touch this once?’


Men end up marrying natural beauty in the end. (Not 100% of course)

Let me guess the future.

During a blind date, this will happen.

‘I’m sorry but can you give me the certificate proving your natural beauty?’

Then the girl will say:

‘Yes here is my certificate of natural beauty, I got it from Apgujeong, Gangnam.’


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.48.10 AM

[ +148 / -6] But do you know what is funny? That there are not that many natural beauties haha There are many natural people but not that many natural beauties. Even if there were, they wouldn’t even give guys like you a glimpse ^^

[ +98 / -20] If there were really certificate of natural beauty.. wow.. But can’t guys not tell plastic surgeries? They don’t even know if girls applied much make up

[ +78 / -25] Haha person above claims men don’t know if women got plastic surgeries hahahahhaah We don’t know if you guys applied make up? We just pretend we don’t. Show you bare faces to your boyfriends (Exception of fat girls that don’t have girlfriends)  The boyfriends will be stunned for 5 seconds and say yes yes you are pretty.

Source: Pann