The TRUE Reason FEMALE K-Pop Idols Receive More HATE Than Male K-Pop Idols

Netizens discuss on reasons why female idols seem to get more hate than male idols.

K-pop industry or any other entertainment industries are full of hate and love relationships made between celebrities and fans or anti-fans. However, in the K-pop industry, it seems that female idols receive more criticism and hate as more fans defend their ‘oppas’ and biases more than they protect their ‘unnis.’ Even with similar controversies, it seems that male idols get more protection and understanding from the netizens and fans compared to the female idols. But what is the logic behind this?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens claim these are reasons why female idols seemingly receive more hate than male idols.

Titled “Reactions Against Male and Female Idols,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“There are many people bringing up this up so let me tell you the facts.

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When people criticize male idols.

Anti-fans and fans of others say – What the heck? Why are they doing that;;

Then it is followed by the fans protect and defending their oppas.

But the math comes down to this

Anti-fans + Other fans < Fans

There are more fans of male idols than anti-fans and other fans criticizing combined.

That is why you can only see the defending comments on the top section out of 1000’s of comments.

When involving their favorite male idols, their fans all come to try to protect their oppas.

That is why all of the anti-fans’ comments and accusations are barely shown on the post.

But in reality, 300 out of 1000 comments are criticism.

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Here is how it is with female idols

Anti-fans and fans other others come and say: What is this? Why are they doing that;

Fans come and leave shield comments.


Anti-fans + Fans of others > Fans

There are more anti-fans and fans of others combined than the fans.

That is why only the criticism comments are shown.

All the top comments become criticism comments.

When involving female idols, all of their fans don’t swarm to protect them.

It is because female idols have less fans than male idols plus many hate posts regarding female idols are in female websites.

So around 700 comments out of 1000 become hate comments.

There are people who claim male idol fans hate female idols.

But it is not true!!!!!!

Male idol fans hate other male idols more than female idols haha.

They would hate other male idols if it wasn’t the groups they liked.

They really don’t have any interest in female groups.

If you ask ordinary male idol fans how many fandoms do they hate, they’ll answer 9 out of 10 of them.

That is with me too but if I get asked by female idols, I really don’t care.”

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Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[ +72 / -4] What do you mean there are only 300 bad comments out of 1000 on male idols hahaha. Female idol fans got to stop their stereotyping that fans of male idols are the ones hating on the female idols. They are trying to find sympathy for their artists by throwing wild accusations. We all know that other fans of female idols are the ones hating on the female idols. hahahaha. They always fight by posting posts concerning Idol group A vs Idol group B.. I don’t get them at all. Male fans nowadays only get protected in certain sites with fans and not anywhere else anymore

[ +63 / -3] To be honest, I have no interest in female idols… I have my attention on male idols, where do I have time to care about dissing female idols

[ +34 / -7] For me to support 3 groups including both male and female groups, it is honestly freaking difficult

Source: Pann