These 10 Moments From BIGBANG’s “Bae Bae” Are Strange…Yet Beautiful.

BIGBANG made a comeback in May with the release of “Loser” and “Bae Bae.” Here are the 10 moments Koreaboo absolutely loved.

This sure was one wacky and sexual innuendo-filled video, but it sure was fun to watch. Every member seemed to take on a different character and persona, but they blended together well.

G-Dragon started us off with his little kid persona. He was like a little kid in a museum.

A sexy museum…

And who ever thought they’d see the words Taeyang and cowboy ever in a sentence together?

Or T.O.P and Willy Wonka

Let’s spend a few seconds here in T.O.P’s flower factory because he really is the deal breaker in this music video. Like when he is trying to constantly give the girl a shot…is he a certified doctor? I need to see his credentials.

Now who wouldn’t want to go live on Daesung‘s island…It has a lovely view and Daesung! I volunteer as tribute!

Seungri was a majestic angel in this video…

Too bad his lady disappears into thin air…I’m always here for you Seungri. <3

And suddenly we’re in space…like I said, one wacky video.

How does one get a job as BIGBANG rice cake feeder!?! Someone sign me up.

T.O.P definitely wins the award for the wackiest member.

Is he playing hide and seek?

Welcome back, boys.