These Top K-Pop BEAUTY Icons Were Also The YOUNGEST Members Of Their Groups

Popular talent agency JYP Entertainment has been incredibly successful with debuting artists at a young age. Throughout the years, the company has debuted some of the most popular female idols of each generation, including former Wonder Girls member Soheemiss A‘s Suzy, and TWICE‘s Tzuyu. In addition to being incredibly popular, however, netizens noted that the three top idols were also the maknaes of their respective group, proving that JYP Entertainment has been really successful debuting young singers.

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Sohee (Wonder Girls)
Debuted at 14 years old

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Suzy (miss A)
Debuted at 15 years old


Tzuyu (TWICE)
Debuted at 16 years old

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[+ 100, -32] So beautiful


[+ 95, – 32] Honestly these girls are on another level

[+ 86, – 40] JYP’s maknae lines are seriously among the top visuals in the industry. Even now TWICE is seriously legendary in their visuals

Source: Pann