Third promotional poster for film “Gangnam 1970” released

A third poster of the yet-to-be-released movie Gangnam 1970 was recently presented. On this poster the actors, Kim Rae Won, and Lee Min Ho showed off their immense charisma.

The poster captures a close-up of the two characters, Jong Dae (Lee Min Ho), and Yong Gi (Kim Rae Won), showing a rather realistic facial expression of two men contesting harshly for survival. The two are back to back, staring with intense facial expressions towards the year of 1970, when greed and lust danced the floors, excite the audience and capture them.

It is definitely enough to capture attention as the characters’ are both desperate in their own scene. Jong Dae is a lower class young man where the only thing he is good at is fighting; Yong Gi is a member of a gang and doing whatever he can to succeed in society. The charisma of Kim Rae Won and the fierce anger of Lee Min Ho were some of the factors to the movie that make high expectations for it.

The movie Gangnam 1970 takes place in the year 1970 in Seoul, with new development occurring in Gangnam. The two men fought for control of Gangnam through lust, brotherhood, and betrayal. The director Yoo Ha had filmed Gangnam 1970 as his final episode of his theme of the streets, the two preceding movies being, Once Upon a Time in High School(2004) and A Dirty Carnival(2006).

The movie will be released on January 21st.

Source: My Daily