This beautiful K-pop idol is only a freshman in high school

Netizens rave over this beautiful idol who is only a freshman in high school

Idols are getting younger every year even with middle schoolers making their debut in groups. Although they can be considered to be too young to be an idol, fans have started to recognize their talent and beauty. Many fans worry that due to their young age, they won’t be able to take the stress and the hard work that comes with being an idol. But did this idol who is just a freshman in high school captivate all fans with her beauty?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss the beauty of an idol who is a freshman in high school.

Titled “Red Velvet Yeri,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“To be honest isn’t she so pretty for being a freshman in high school??? I was shocked after looking at her pictures… Some people say that she is cute when she smiles looking like Squirtle from Pokemon but I like her no feeling face too.. So pretty T_T”









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[ +50 / -4] She is too damn pretty…. How can this be the debut stage…


[ +48 / -3] Please don’t get hurt Yeri


[ +40 / -5] Yeri is really pretty T_T_T_T I heard she looks like Yoona in real life. She gives really good fan service and is such a bright and pretty person T_T

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