[★TRENDING] This Is The Most Korean Man Alive

A hilarious post made by Junkka, best known for being an international translator for GomTV is starting to go viral, sharing how “hardcore Korean” he is! 

The post, written in an insanely satirical style, shows how “hardcore Korean” Junkka really is, sharing some of the most stereotypical things that people assume about Koreans. He talks about military style life, eating dogs (aka the most stereotypical and racist thing ignorant people assume about Koreans) and even a special mention about K-Pop!

Who is Junkka, real name “Junkyu John Park”? He’s just a regular Korean who quit his job and started playing World of Warcraft but quickly became famous after working at GOMTV assisting with translations for some of the most famous Korean players ever.

Check out the hilarious post below:

[facebook_embedded_post href=”https://www.facebook.com/junkyu.j.park/posts/1032369480115107?pnref=story”]