Three legendary quotes from students who got perfect scores on the CSAT

With the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) just around the corner, netizens reminisced about three legendary quotes from students who received perfect scores on the test.

With so much stress for students to do well on the exam in order to be admitted into the best university, netizens took it on themselves to lighten up the mood with some legendary quotes from students regarding the exam. A translation of the quotes can be found below:

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1. In 1999, Oh Seung Eun became the first student to receive a perfect score on the exams. When an interviewer asked her whether or not she was a fan of HOT, she shocked everyone with her reply.
“What’s HOT?”

2. Interviewers also asked her how she got a perfect score.
“There wasn’t any questions that I didn’t how to answer.”

3) Park Chang Hee received a perfect score in 2009, the year in which the exams were considered to be the hardest they’ve ever been. When he was asked what he was thinking when he was solving math questions, his reply led to a lot of laughter.
“I spent 40 minutes solving the questions. For the rest of the time, I thought of how I was going to explain the questions to my friends.”

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[+ 104, – 10] What is HOT…I feel like someone smacked me on the back of my head…to current K-Pop fans that would be the equivalent of someone saying ‘What is EXO?’.

[+ 70, – 1] They can be proud if they got 100% in that test

[+ 68, – 0] So much respect for these people ㅋㅋㅋ Even if I were born again I wouldn’t be able to get 100%. You need to be a genius AND work super hard…

[+ 44, – 0] One of those people are at a lab at Harvard…

[+ 38, – 0] Oh Seung Eun is a Sunbae of mine and his class mates told me that he used to go into the closet to study at night while everyone was sleeping…he’s a legend.

Source: Pann