[★FEATURE] Throwback Tracks Thursday: 1st week of November

It’s Throwback Tracks Thursday! Koreaboo is taking a trip down memory lane so sit back and enjoy the ride as we take you back to the top tracks of the first week of November from 2005-2009.Here are the number one tracks for the first week of November from 2005-2009 according to MelOn.


In 2005 just as in 2014, at number one was Epik High with their song “Fly” featuring Amin J


This year Eru took the number 1 spot with “Black Glasses” featuring Day Light


Can you believe this song came out in 2007?! At number 1 was “Tell Me” by Wonder Girls

Our famous Running Man commander Kim Jong Kook was number 1 this year with “Today More Than Yesterday”

In 2009 Park Bom dominated with her solo debut track “You and I”

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