Tiffany dedicates photo of 8-member Girls’ Generation on Instagram to their 9-year anniversary

Tiffany is causing quite a ruckus online for her special tribute to Girls’ Generation on their ninth year anniversary since debut. 

A few days ago, Tiffany celebrated Girls’ Generation’s ninth year anniversary with the tag “#9yearswithSNSD” on her personal Instagram account. What caught the attention of her fans, however, was how the singer edited former member Jessica on the post instead of the original nine members.

As the debate between their fans continue, others have defended Tiffany for doing the right thing as Girls’ Generation is technically composed of eight members, following Jessica’s departure last year. The outrage left others to argue that if Tiffany posted a photo of the original line-up, then that would’ve been more controversial too.

Jessica Jung left the group last year to pursue individual commitments, thereby, allowing Girls’ Generation to continue as eight.

Girls’ Generation made their debut in 2007 with their first track, “Into The New World.”
Image: Tiffany’s Instagram / Instiz

Source: Instiz