Tiffany reveals her shortest sung line in a Girls’ Generation song

On the latest episode of KBS2‘s Sister’s Slam Dunk, Girls’ Generation member Tiffany revealed the shortest line she’s ever sung for the group since her debut.

Aired on May 13th, the female cast were preparing for their transformation as a girl group after receiving a track from J.Y. Park with the help of member Min Hyo Rin. Entering the studio to begin recording, Kim Sook asked Tiffany what her shortest solo line was while in Girls’ Generation as the group at the time of debut consisted of nine members.

Tiffany replied, “I think 10 seconds?” revealing that her 10-second solo came from Girls’ Generation’s debut track “Into The New World.” She adds, “I sang that song for at least two and a half years. I practiced the whole song for two years and a half and my part got changed several times.”


Source: My Daily