Tiffany teases SONEs with a photo from the recording studio, “Sooooon!”

Good news SONES, it seems that Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has been hard at work in the studio as she teases fans with a photo on Instagram!

The photo features Tiffany thoughtfully chewing on her pen while she studies the lyrics in the recording booth. She covers the lyrics and song title with a playful sticker as she captions the photo, “Soooooooon!!

If her recording is for a Girls’ Generation comeback, it will be the group’s first comeback since their promotions for “Mr.Mr.” last April and the first time they will promote as an eight member group following Jessica’s leave from the group last October.

SONEs are showing their excitement in the comments on the photo saying, “Yesss…Finally!” while other’s speculate, “Solo album too, Tiffany?“, and “Another Japanese single?

Take a look at her teaser post here: