Tiger JK regretfully reveals that, “Yoon Mi Rae would have hit jackpot with SM or YG”

Tiger JK shares some kind words over his wife, Yoon Mi Rae,  in a recent interview for the July issue of @Star1. 

As Yoon Mi Rae participated in an exclusive pictorial and interview for the magazine, the singer and her husband were asked if they were happy. To this she replied that, “Currently, I am because I have the people I love next to me as I pursue my music.” However, Tiger JK cannot seem to add a comment and sincerely disclosed that, “I have always been regretful, but she would have made jackpot if she joined SM or YG Entertainment.” 

Meanwhile, when asked about if she could pick a favourite out of her own songs, she expressed difficulty in choosing and wish to go to a karaoke and sing it manic frenzy. Tiger JK agreed to her idea and jokingly invited her to visit one in the future.

Yoon Mi Rae participated in the photoshoot as part of MAC’s latest collection, “Le Disko,” highlighting a more blood, retro look for the season.

Source: @Star1