Tiger JK & Tasha Talk with Danny Chung About Unpretty Rapstar, #BlackLivesMatter, Keith Ape, & More

MFBTY (My Fans are Better Than Yours) is a Hip Hop trio made up of Korean rap stars Bizzy, the absolutely legendary Tasha aka Yoon Mirae, and the pioneer Korean rap god himself, Tiger JK.

Editors Note: Listen to Danny Chung talk to Tiger JK & Tasha about Unpretty Rapstar, #BlackLivesMatter, Keith Ape, & more while reading this article!

The group has recently released a new album titled Wondaland through their own independent imprint, Feel Ghood Muzic, after fighting a long standing battle against shady record deals.

Being taken advantage of and undervalued is not rare in the music business, especially in the Korean industry, but speaking out so candidly about it, is rare. JK is known for being extremely candid, even when it may not be in his best interest to be so, because this man is honest to a fault.

In this interview he mentions that he could open up even more so because, me, being an artist myself that relates to JK on many levels, gives him somebody to relay his voice and opinion to without having to hold back so much like when he has to speak with the media at large.

I appreciate that.

When I speak with artists it’s not an interview where I have an agenda, extracting certain answers, or hovering around certain hot button topics. These are conversations I have with my friends and I’m searching to find their perspective because I respect their opinions highly and know they mean something to not only me but to the people listening in.

Tasha and JK both bring unique views that are important to the culture, and this interview sheds a brighter light on their personalities that are often misunderstood and left in the dark.

I hope that I could help you see them in a clearer light.

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