Top 10 K-Pop Song Remixes!

Don’t you ever wish your favorite K-pop songs were just a little more danceable so you can put them on at parties? Well you’re in luck because we compiled the Top 10 K-Pop Song Remixes for you to enjoy!

1. “Gotta Talk To You (Hard Remix)” – Seungri

2. “Tonight (Areia Remix)” – SPICA

3. “Fantastic Baby (G Sweet Remix)” – BIGBANG

4. “Overdose (Xulikken Remix)” – EXO

5. “Missing You (Areia Remix)” – 2NE1

6. “Fiction (Duncam’s Sweet Friction Remix)” – B2ST

7. “Sugar Free (DJ Flako Club Remix)” – T-Ara

8. “The Boys (Clinton Sparks remix ft. Snoop Dogg/Lion)” – Girls’ Generation

9. “Electricity (220v Remix)” – 2PM

10. “I Feel Good (R.Tee Remix)” – EXID