[★FEATURE] TOP10 Moments of Running Man Episode #237 ft. EXID’s Hani, G-Friend’s Yerin, and more!

In episode 237, the Running Man members are paired with lovely freshman actresses and idols, including members fromEXID and G-Friend, and competed in the ultimate love game. Which “college” couple will win and achieve the “Greatest Love?” Check out our TOP10 moments from this week’s episode below! Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Kwang Soo evening the odds in the relay
Why are we not surprised that Kwang Soo attempted to secretly raise Jong Kook’s bar? Don’t worry, he got caught pretty quickly, and was punished by Jong Kook hehe

2. Kwang Soo’s manly side
Woah, this side of him is not usually seen on Running Man! What happened to our crazy, lovable giraffe with his variety gags? Guess he was trying to impress his partner with his actor-like, manly ways~

3. Haha and Jae Suk’s playful banter
Now, a banter between the two “nonsense brothers” are to be expected! Watch out for their hilarious confrontation!

4. The girls dancing…
The dances the girls’ performed were quite unusual haha – but we loved all of them just the same!

5. Yerin’s power dancing
Omo, Yerin’s power dancing all took us by surprise! It was even funnier when she did a complete 180 character change into a cute girl when her song came on ㅋㅋ She really is climbing up the steps in the variety industry.

6. Jong Kook and Jae Suk’s body slam
…guess who won lol

7. Jae Suk and Kwang Soo’s execution dances
We couldn’t decide which was funnier, watching Jae Suk performing his variety themed execution dance, or watching Kwan Ssoo imitating that dance, and adding his own twist by spitting water directly at Jae Suk! XD

8. Sukjin’s blunder
Sukjin jokingly asked Kwangsoo if he should choose number 9, to which Kwangsoo stiffly shook his head. Ignoring him, Sukjin still chose the slot, which led to poor Yerin flying into the water. I guess Kwangsoo does have his truthful times haha

9. Hani’s reaction to Jae Suk telling her about the diamond ring
Watch Hani’s eyes comically widening after hearing Jae Suk tell her about a time where the PDs awarded the winners a diamond ring was hilarious. The bottom comment reading “How much food can I buy with that…” really topped the cake!

10. Kwang Soo eating that lone peanut…and regretting it
Seeing how Suk Jin placed all of his hopes on that one peanut floating on top, Kwang Soo immediately grabbed it out of the tube and ate it, diminishing his last hope of winning. He soon regretted that though, after realizing that it was immersed in chili oil. What were you expecting Kwang Soo ㅋㅋ

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