Top 6 male idols with the best facial features released

Netizens discuss the top 6 male idols withe the best facial features

Fans all have their favorite idols whether because of their appearance, talent, or personality. But which idols have the best facial features discussed by netizens?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss the top 6 male idols with the best facial features.

Titled “Top 6 Male Idols With Best Facial Features,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“This could be my own opinion! But I tried to write this unbiased as possible.

I’m writing about 6 male idols who have the best combination of their eyes, nose and mouth.

The order of the idols don’t matter.

1. EXO Suho



EXO is known for their flawless visual.. ^^ But even amongst them, Suho has the best eyes, nose and mouth combination.

He has the face of the leader as well. I haven’t seen anyone claiming he is ugly. But I don’t think he knows how to use his good looking face well hahahahahaha”




I’m not a fan of INFINITE but I always get nervous when I see his pictures hahahaha.

He has no bad photos. I’m not saying he is number 1 in appearance. He looks so nice and generous. He makes me think how can a Korean person look like this..?




NEW! Rookie Idol. People say he is only good looking because he is mixed.. But to be honest, it is hard to find someone that looks like him even if they’re mixed right..? I always can’t help but to save his pictures on my desktop hahaha.

4. JYJ Kim Jaejoong



I saw him in real life but he is so freaking handsome. I think he looks better in his dramas right..? I can’t post his old photos with his hair hahahaha. I don’t know why he blocked his good looks with his hair in the past. His eyes are really deep and pretty!

5. ZE:A Lim Siwan



He is so good looking and clean. I think he would pass for sure if he met his mother and father in laws haha He has thick lips but it really works well with his eyes and nose. He doesn’t only have a pretty face but a special appeal to him right..?




His face is handsome too but his aura and mood around him. I think I would freeze if I met eyes with him hahaha. He has this leading charisma around him. When I first saw his photos, I thought he was an actor or a model hahahaha. He is that handsome.

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[ +301 / -91] To be honest, I think EXO Suho and SHINee Minho are really handsome! Oh yeah and Vernon too!

[ +270 / -50] He is so handsome but is such a genuine dumb dumb T_T He is like a puppy T_T_T


[ +234 / -74] Hansol too!!….. I mean I dont want to be criticized by putting him along those legends..


Source: Pann