Top 8 Male Idols Who Are Irresistable To Women Because Of Their Broad Shoulders

There are many prerequisites that make up what is conventionally considered as attractive for guys. One of these prerequisites are big, broad shoulders and these idols show exactly why.

1. Dongwoo (INFINITE)
Dongwoo has such large square shoulders that it drives fan girls insane!!


2. Sehun (EXO)
Sehun may look skinny but he has unbelievably broad shoulders

Even when he wears ordinary clothes his shoulders make him stand out!!

sehun 2
His large shoulders gave birth to this legendary gif that melted several fans’ hearts


3. Jun.K (2PM)
2PM is full of built sexy idols and Jun.K sometimes gets overshadowed by them. 

You may be surprised to find out however, that Jun.K has extremely broad shoulder even when he’s compared to the other much bigger, taller members.


4. CNU (B1A4)
CNU might have a pretty face but along with his height, he has enough shoulders to show anyone that he is a real man.

sinwoo 2
Even a thick knit sweater can’t hide those broad shoulders ~<3


5. Leo (VIXX)
Leo doesn’t only have broad shoulders but has very good proportions to his body. Hence the nickname “Hot Body”


6. Yoochun (JYJ)
A list on shoulders isn’t complete without Yoochun the god of shoulders O_O.

How he can pull off being so manly with such a baby face is beyond me but hey I’m not complaining



7. Rain
Rain perhaps has the biggest pair of shoulders among all the idols on this list

Not convinced? He has such big shoulders that he dwarfs people around him

rain 2

8. Lee Minho
Last but not least! Lee Minho!

lee minho

lee min