Top stars release video messages to their fathers to celebrate “My Dictator” release

In celebration of the recent movie My Dictator, starring Sul Kyung Gu and Park Hae Il as father and son respectively, the production team has compiled heartwarming video messages by top stars for their own fathers.

Although the video compilation is part of the marketing for the film release on October 30th, personal messages by the top stars for their fathers have touched and impressed many hearts. Below are the quotes from the video:

Actress Jeon Do Yeon: “Our Father, Our Dad, I wish I could hug you tightly for a long time if you were alive… Thank you for being my dad.”

Actor Ryu Duk Hwan: “As we get older, father’s existence has changed from grand to mighty. I want to voice my thoughts that I have never said when he was here: ‘Although it is very late now, I am sorry and grateful. The words I always have in my heart, I love you.”

Director Kim Ji Yoon: “My father was a great Romanticist and intellectual person. I got to ponder a lot about my father. I remember how my father was hurt that he couldn’t transform his talent into reality.”

Actress Lim Su Jung: “I am always regretful that I don’t express much to my father. Although I am awkward at it, I want to start telling him now. I love you father!”

Actress Woo Hee Jin: “Dad… I like calling dad even years have passed. You have given my your dream and youth to me… I love you more than yesterday.”

Actor Choi Woo Sik: “Dad, I have troubled you as the youngest son in the family, but you know I love you right? Let’s have a healthy and happy life!”

What do you think about these personal messages? In the meantime, the movie My Dictator has reached #1 on the box office results for domestic movie releases.

Source: Asia EconomicsOsen