A top-tier idol member allegedly preparing a lawsuit soon against his agency

K-netizens and K-pop fans are on the edge of their seats after an ambiguous article was published, hinting that yet another idol may be preparing to file a lawsuit against his own agency in the coming weeks.

The post was published on February 10th at 1:50PM KST with a title, “Agency A and Singer B, is a legal storm brewing?”.

Though the article was concise in its details, it carried a very foreboding message. In summary, it reads, “Recently there have been much news about contract disputes between agencies and idols. Another quarrel has however, been spotted. A top boy group member ‘B’ and his agency, ‘A’. ‘B’ has recently been demanding that he be let out of the group and ‘A’ one of the biggest agencies around has had put the group’s activities on a halt. ‘A’ has never had a history of legal disputes and in order to preserve their image of being a trustworthy company, they are trying to convince ‘B’. They are not reluctant to let ‘B’ go but simply do not wish to ruin a perfectly good company image. But anticipations are high as people are watching when ‘B’ will start a legal case on the matter through legal representatives.”

Many netizens have ruled out the TOP3 agencies — SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment — with many suspecting FNC Entertainment is the agency at topic.

Source: MK News