Topp Dogg celebrates their anniversary with “Annie”

After days of teasing, Topp Dogg is back as they release the official music video for their special anniversary track “Annie” off their single release Anniversary

The 13-member hip-hop boy band Topp Dogg debuted almost one year ago under the direction of Cho PD and Stardom Entertainment!

Music video teaser for their new track, cleverly titled “Annie” for their first anniversary was released earlier this week and now the music video is out! The new dance track features heavy 90s pop influence as the boys dance through a hotel looking for their “Annie”.Topp Dogg also updated their outfits with a new twist on the 90’s sporty style to match with the track’s upbeat pop melody.

Previously, Cho PD teased fans by tweeting a picture congratulating Topp Dogg on their anniversary as well as a record which bore the words “Annie”.

Topp Dogg will be releasing their special Anniversary single album and preorders have already begun!

Check out the music video and congratulations to Topp Dogg on their upcoming anniversary.