[★TRENDING] Trainee Jung Jinhyeong rumored to have left YG Entertainment

Netizens are abuzz about recent rumors that trainee Jung Jinhyeong has decided to leave YG Entertainment three months after his participation on Mix and Match, the trainee survival show which created upcoming hip hop group iKON in November.

Some netizens have stated that after getting in touch with his acquaintances and YG Entertainment, they have verified that the trainee has left the agency. In addition, the netizens who revealed this information have also stated that Jung Jinhyeong left for personal reasons and not due to other outside pressures, hoping to quell the rumors of other company offers and various other influences in his life.

Some netizens have speculated that these are nothing more than fabricated rumors while others are offering words of support and encouragement to the trainee and wishing for a brighter future for the vocalist.

Take a look at some of the fan accounts below:

@Jinhyeong_com wrote, “I didn’t think I’d have to say this again so soon [after Mix and Match]. Jinheyong.com will continue to support Jinhyeong. Also, I revealed that Jinhyeong left YG Entertainment due to personal reasons and not due to outside influences. Please do not spread rumors.

A post on Instiz has turned into a discussion forum between fans as they speculate the validity of these rumors. The post is full of photos of the vocalist captioned “YG Trainee Jung Jinhyeong of Mix and Match; some fans are saying that these are just rumors which have spread quickly.

YG Entertainment has yet to make an official statement regarding these rumors.