[★TRENDING] Block B pleads to sasaeng fans to stop visiting their dorm

Members of boy group, Block B, have finally spoken up against their sasaeng fans who continuously visit the group’s dorm and cause ruckus.

On the 21st, Block B’s Jaehyo, Park Kyung, and Zico all left bold and desperate messages aimed at their “sasaeng” fans on their individual Twitter accounts, pleading for these excessively obsessive and stalker-like fans to stop coming to the group’s dorm.

“Sasaeng” fans, which is a Korean slang term for “private life” fans, are individuals or groups of fans who tend to obsessively follow a celebrity’s every move or even break into the homes of their favorite celebrities, hence the deriving term “sasaeng” or “private life”.

Many celebrities such as BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and JYJ‘s Jaejoong have previously expressed on their Twitter accounts their true frustrations regarding sasaeng fans who repeatedly stalk them and the harmful nuisances caused upon their family members as well.

Following the two stars, Jaehyo, Park Kyung, and Zico of Block B have expressed their own irritation and dissatisfaction towards sasaeng fans who wait outside their dorm and cause physical, emotional, and mental chaos to both the Block B members and their neighbors.

On the 21st, Jaehyo tweeted a photo of the door that leads to Block B’s dorm with a message that reads, “I’m thankful that you love us and all, but this is just too scary.

In the photo shared by Jaehyo below, the boy group’s dorm door is vandalized with several different handwritten messages from fans who were able to break through security’s watch and make it to the group’s home.

In addition to Jaehyo’s tweet of fear and frustration regarding the dorm door, Park Kyung also spilled his two cents with a message of plead, “I don’t know how you guys even know where we live, but about two weeks ago, we were startled when we saw scribbles [writing] on our front door.. On top of that, now we’re getting people who are asking the security guards to call us out or people who run away right after ringing our doorbell.. Our bees, I beg of you [to stop].

And last, but not least, Zico delivered an obvious message of irritation, aggravation, and disgust by posting two tweets, “Our dorm front door. This makes my skin crawl. Please stop now,” and, “Do you guys feel as if you’ve been strung a medallion over your necks and feel some sort of accomplishment because my members called you guys out publicly to warn you?

What are your thoughts on sasaeng fans?