[★TRENDING] MBLAQ to continue as a group as five members

Roughly two weeks ago, we reported that MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon and Thunder (Chundoong) were allegedly withdrawing from the group after the expiration of their contracts. However, new reports claim that the group will continue as MBLAQ with all five members.

On October 13th, news of Lee Joon’s contract expiration and withdrawal from MBLAQ was reported to the media. Several hours following Lee Joon’s report, news of Thunder’s contract expiration and withdrawal was reported as well.

In regards to this shocking news, J.Tune Camp, the agency of MBLAQ, announced at the time, “Lee Joon will be participating in the November concerts. We will be taking into consideration the other members’ wishes and thoughts along with the agency’s decisions to come to an official conclusion. Our agency will also be working hard to make the best decisions for MBLAQ.”

The agency also stated that Lee Joon and Thunder’s departures were not yet confirmed. On the other hand, many media officials and fans speculated that the group was heading towards a disbandment after MBLAQ’s show director, Randy Noh, announced that the members would soon be enlisting in their 2-year mandatory military service.

Member G.O‘s mysterious tweets also played into the “discord” factor, which led to many people thinking that the members were not getting along. This, however, was proven to be a groundless rumor with J.Tune Camp’s statement regarding the tweets.

However, according to OBS News on October 25th, there is a high possibility that MBLAQ will continue as a five-member group despite Lee Joon and Thunder’s expired contracts.

Another industry official released information that the members’ expired contracts will have no effect and will not cause a problem when it comes to continuing as MBLAQ as a whole, “Even if those members whose contracts expired do not re-sign with the agency, it does not look as if they will be leaving the group. It was revealed that if they do re-sign with the agency, it will be much more efficient in carrying out activities, however, even if they decide not to stay with [J.Tune Camp], they will still be able to do solo activities as well as promote and carry out activities together as MBLAQ in the near future.

Source: The Fact