[★TRENDING] Yang Hongsuk and Jung Jinhyeong to remain in YG Entertainment as trainees

It had been reported on November 7th that Yang Hongsuk and Jung Jinhyeong, the two eliminated members of Mnet‘s MIX & MATCH, were to discuss their future whereabouts with CEO Yang Hyun Suk on the 8th. Today, YG Entertainment‘s final decision for the two trainees has been made.

On November 10th, YG Entertainment revealed that after a long, private talk with CEO Yang Hyun Suk, Yang Hongsuk and Jung Jinhyeong will remain as trainees at their agency for the following year.

According to an agency representative, both Yang Hongsuk and Jung Jinhyeong expressed their longing to stay within YG Entertainment to further their training to debut as artists. Upon taking into consideration their wishes, the agency decided to have the two trainees remain in the training system.

The representative stated, “Both Yang Hongsuk and Jung Jinhyeong strongly expressed to CEO Yang Hyun Suk during their private one-on-one meeting that they would like to remain at YG Entertainment. It was revealed that Yang Hyun Suk told the two trainees that they were not eliminated from MIX & MATCH because they lacked in talent and skill, but rather because the time of training they received was far too short. Accordingly, CEO Yang Hyun Suk came to the conclusion to give them a second opportunity.

The representative continued, “Yang Hongsuk and Jung Jinhyeong will be given access to YG Entertainment’s training facility for the next year so that they could expand their talents and skills. Although it is unclear whether or not the two will debut, the two trainees’ debut will depend on their efforts shown within the next year.

Meanwhile, the MIX & MATCH members who were voted to debut as iKON have been preparing for their upcoming debut set for January 2015.

Many fans who heard this exciting news began showing their love and support for both Yang Hongsuk and Jung Jinhyeong, wishing them good luck and words of encouragement.

Source: Star News