[★TRENDING] YG Entertainment confirms iKON’s debut for January 2015

With the on-going hype for YG Entertainment‘s newest and upcoming boy group, iKON, the agency has finally announced a set debut date for the rookie group!

On October 22nd, CEO Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment, confirmed to Star News that, “As soon as ‘MIX & MATCH’ is over, iKON will spend just a little more time on production and preparations and will debut right away in January of 2015 with a debut track.

Yang Hyunsuk went further to confirm that, “In WINNER‘s case, the group was preparing for debut with a full album, rather than a single, which is why it took the group 10 whole months to debut this past August after winning last year’s survival program ‘WIN: Who is Next?‘ However, just like 2NE1‘s debut, iKON will only be debuting with a single track and will continue to release singles for a while in order to shorten the time it takes for them to debut compared to Winner.”

Yang Hyunsuk also went on to explain that the reasoning behind B.I‘s recent constant flow of music production was to prepare iKON for a fast debut as soon as the program is over, “In order to officially debut as iKON as soon as MIX & MATCH is over, confirmed member B.I has been composing countless number of songs. After their debut in January, iKON will be promoting their activities for one whole year in South Korea and we plan on releasing as many singles as possible.

Meanwhile, with Kim Jin Hwan, B.I, and Bobby are confirmed as the three members to debut in this 7-member group, the remaining four of six trainees Goo Jun Hwae, Kim Dong Hyuk, Song Yun Hyung, Jung Chan Woo, Jung Jin Hyung, and Yang Hong Suk must compete in the final episode of Mix & Match, which is set to air this coming 30th.

Source: Star News and E Tomato