Triplets Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se succeed in their first attempt at skiing

The adorable triplets Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se of KBS‘s ingenious series Return of Superman have successfully overcome the chilling cold of Korean winter and has learned how to ski for the first time!

Every second with the triplets and their super dad Song Il Gook is a precious moment, especially so with the triplets wrapped up in their thick winter parkas and ski goggles, captivating everyone on the January 18th broadcast of Return of Superman.

Though the triplets and their father were in a world of their own, having fun on the snowy mountains, Dae Han was unfortunately sick during the trip, requiring Song Il Gook’s constant attention and care. His brothers Min Guk and Man Se, however, were having no trouble connecting to their inner skiiers, effortlessly learning to harness their snowy skills.

Simply watching his children excel in their fearless attempts brought an unconscious smile on his face. However, he did continue on to express his thoughts on Daehan’s unexpected condition, stating, “Daehan has good athletic capabilities, so I initally expected him to be the best at skiing. Maybe next time, Minguk might overtake Manse, with Daehan improving the most out of them?”

Every moment spent with the triplets have brought nothing but endearing smiles and heartwarming sensations to viewers since their initial appearance on the show, and every episode continues to treat viewers with documentation of the development and growing process of the triplets, and the other children on the show. The love the nation has bestowed upon them has even granted them with the KBS Popularity Award at the 2014 KBS Entertainment Awards.

Source: Osen