[★TRENDING] The truth behind this man’s search for his dead wife is shocking and heart breaking

An 82-year-old British man, Mr. Gordon Michael Poole recently paid a visit to Korean police in search for his Korean wife who he claims went missing a week ago.He entered the station saying, “My wife went missing last week,” and wanted to find out what happened to her. However, after further investigation, the police found that Poole’s wife, Kim Yu Mee, had passed away over a month ago and her funeral was held in Budang Jeesaeng Hospital on the 25th of last month.

Poole was found to have attended the funeral but due to his Alzheimer’s failed to realize that his wife was now gone.

Upon visiting Poole’s home, they found a handwritten note he wrote to himself to remind him of her death and how much he loved her that said, “I cannot live without my Yu Mee. She was the best wife and person in the world. I go to join her in heaven.”

It was revealed that after Poole retired from his job as a teacher, he traveled the world with his wife visiting many countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, the U.S, and many more before finally settling down in South Korea approximately four to five years ago.

The Korean police are attempting to find care for this man who, as a senior foreigner with Alzheimer’s, may have difficulty living alone.

Netizens expressed their sympathies for Poole with their comments, whose story is something straight out of the Korean movie A Moment to Remember.

[+624, -10] He may have lost his memories, but his heart still remembers everything.

[+522, -3] He must have really loved her so much.. ㅠㅠ

[+435, -5] This is what worries me about getting older as a couple, one will inevitably be left behind.

Source: MT Korea via Naver