TSA Agent arrested for molesting South Korean student at NY Airport

American media are reporting that a TSA Agent has been arrested and accused of sexual assault against a South Korean foreign exchange student after molesting her at the airport. 

The 22-year-old college student is a South Korean citizen and was lured into the men’s washroom by the TSA agent. While in uniform, he convinced her that she was being taken to an additional screening and then molested her.

Inside the washroom, he asked her to lift up her shirt and unzip her pants. When she protested by saying, “You can’t scan me but you can have a woman scan me because I am a girl,” he allegedly told her to face the mirror and lift her arms in the air. When she questioned the TSA agent, he lifted up her shirt and unzipped her pants and began to fondle her.

When the girl reported the incident and filed a complaint, the man, identified as Maxi Oquendo, pretended to look over the surveillance video looking for the attacker until he was identified by witnesses and arrested.

Maxi Oquendo was arrested and charged with unlawful imprisonment, official misconduct, sexual abuse, and harassment as well as fired from his job.

Source: New York Post and NY Daily News