TVXQ celebrates their 4000th day since debut with fans

Changmin and Yunho of TVXQ have finally come across their 4000th day since debut and the two were able to celebrate this grand milestone with fans during their live tour concert in Seoul!

On December 7th, TVXQ celebrated their 4000th day since debut at their TVXQ! Special Live Tour – T1ST0RY show. The duo participated in a press conference for the concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium where they talked about their excitement for the event before the start of the show.

During the opening of the concert, Yunho began his speech by saying, “It’s been two years since we’ve had a concert, so this feels really surreal. Because we’ve been working really hard to prepare for this show and have run into several difficult problems during the process, I feel that there’s a stronger connection and attachment to this show between us [than any other concerts].”

Many fans who were present in the audience were touched by Yunho’s words and were ecstatic to see what the duo had in store for them during the show. Changmin, on the other hand, brought up the subject of the group’s 4000th day anniversary, saying, “We were told that today is our 4000th day since debuting so we wanted to make this an extra fun and thrilling performance for all of you.

The member continued, “I’ve been sticking so close to Yunho all day today like some kind of parasite,” laughing and talking about how he has been trying to stay close to his fellow member’s side on this joyous anniversary.

Congratulations to TVXQ and their 4000th day together!

Source: Newsen